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13 February, 2011

A more subtle range of designs

Looking over the prints I created, I felt that, although the colour was rich and vibrant, there was far too much of it throughout the collection and that there was lack of simplicity and areas of quiet. I therefore produced some paintings using a range of normal and metallic paints and edited these in Photoshop to create a collection of subtler designs.

gif animators


Developments leading to final designs

Combining elements and creating exciting motifs from my kaleidoscope photographs and spirograph drawings, I produced a collection of colourful prints that I really love. I feel that they portray the jewel like qualities I wanted to create.

These are just a few!

12 February, 2011

Spirograph Drawings

Looking for inspiration in other forms, I came across a spirograph set I've had since I was a child and thought that the theme was fitting. They seem to share a similar quality and shape that the individual motifs within my kaleidoscope photographs have, which I find interesting.

Kaleidoscope photographs: Initial inspiration

For my first project as a third year, I decided to use kaleidoscopes as my main source of inspiration; attracted by their vibrant, jewel-like qualities.

These are just a select few!

Slight experimentations with initial photographs; exploring and developing ideas