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13 March, 2011

Inspiration for Final Project

In the last few years I have found a new love for Photography and for my final year project, I wanted to challenge myself and incorporate Photography into my design work.

12 March, 2011

Alice In Wonderland

For my final project in second year, I decided to base my project on the book Alice in Wonderland. I thought that this would be an interesting theme as there are many different inspiring characters and elements to the book that could be translated into exciting prints.

I designed this collection for underwear which I really enjoyed as I got to experiment with placement prints as well as repeats.

I considered doing a bit of laser cutting for this project. I thought that it would make a really lovely trim to pieces of underwear but unfortunately I didn't have enough time to see this through.

Second Year Work

My inspiration for this project was lace. I came up with most of my designs by creating lace drawings and manipulating them in Photoshop and adding colour. I love the digital feel they have.

Fabric Samples

Fashion Illustrations